2020/2021 Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship

2020/2021 Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship

Max Arthur Macauliffe graduated from Galway with a degree in languages, classics, and history in 1863. He entered the Indian Civil Service in 1862, and went on to hold several senior positions before retiring in 1893. He was a prolific scholar and became immersed in Indian culture, and before long converted to Sikhism. He is renowned for translating Sikh scripture and history into English, for publishing an extensive history of the Sikh religion, and for promoting international awareness of and interest in Punjabi culture in the late 19th century.

Three Macauliffe Scholarships, comprising a full fee waiver are available. These scholarships are aimed at academic programmes in all areas of the NUI Galway curriculum. Applications for the scholarship are welcomed from Indian students seeking to enter one of the selected taught Master’s programmes at NUI Galway commencing September 2020.

Scholarship applicants are assessed based on academic merit. In addition, applicants will submit a personal statement (MS Word, 1,000 words maximum) covering the following points:

  • Your interest in studying in NUI Galway;
  • How you foresee your relationship with NUI Galway developing in the future;
  • How you will promote links with NUI Galway, both during your scholarship tenure and as alumni.

How To Apply



Scheme Opens

1 Application for Admission to NUI Galway

You apply for admission to one of your postgradaute taught programmes online through our website. You must have received your offer and have accepted your place via payment of an acceptance deposit in order to be eligible to apply for a Special Merit Scholarship  (closing date for receipt of applications is the 30th of April 2020).

Scheme opens February 2020

Closing date 30th April 2020

2 Scholarship Application

In addition to accepting your offer via payment of an acceptance deposit you must also submits a Personal Statement to InternationalScholarships@nuigalway.ie You must ensure to include the title of the scholarship scheme your are applying for in the subject of your e-mail and also your PAC application number (for example – Special Merit Scholarship, student no. 19000000).   Applications will be assessed based on Merit and also the personal statement (not exceeding 1,000 words).

You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your scholarship application within 10 working days.



3 Scholarship Award Notification

PLEASE NOTE: We will review the scholarship recipients to ensure that you have applied for your Study VISA and are making arrangements to come to NUI Galway.  We reserve the right to re-allocate your award if you will not be taking up your place at NUI Galway.

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