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Application Deadline: November 25, 2022.

One of the main goals of Maynooth University is to be dedicated to the growth and evolution of sports. Recently, the university offered about 160 sport scholarship programs for students from all over the world, both males and females.

Chosen applicants will receive professional guidance and advice.

 Scholarships’ Benefits:

  • Scholarship Funding: Scholarships fund students with sports and college-related expenses such as sports equipments, sports-related travel expenses) and help relieve our scholarship recipients from part-time jobs.
  • Discounted on-campus housing for the first year (allocation of housing is at the discretion of the Development Officer). However, normal fees will be applied.
  • Fitness Training and expert coaching.
  • Workshops on sports psychology and time management
  • Advice on health and nutrition
  • Performance evaluation
  • Ongoing academic assistance
  • Goal setting, performance evaluation, and career counseling
  • Individual functional health assessments lead to fitness, strength, and conditioning programs.
  • Access to top-tier coaches and facilities
  • Complimentary gym membership
  • Access to a cardio workout suite and a free weights gym
  • Medical and physiotherapy assistance
  • Fitness evaluation and analysis

Criteria for Eligibility:

Scholarships are given to students who have achieved, or have the capacity to effect, achieve a very high level of performance while competing at one or more of the following levels: international, national, inter-provincial, and inter-county.

  • It is necessary to satisfy the usual matriculation/minimum admission criteria as well as any specific course requirements.
  • Receive up to 60 CAO points to help bridge any points gap for admission to chosen level 8 degree. Applicants for sport scholarships must have at least 300 points in their top six Leaving Certificate courses.

QQI applicants:

  • A complete award (8 modules) with 5 distinctions in a connected award is the minimum required. A grade in the Leaving Certificate, GC(S)E, or other school leaving exams, or a distinction in the mathematical or statistics module in the QQI award, can satisfy the maths requirement for specified degrees.

Applications for postgraduate studies:

  • Considered on an individual basis.

Criteria for Renewal:

Scholarships are renewable on a yearly basis if certain requirements are satisfied. Students must:

  • Maintain a respectable level of academic performance.
  • Maintain a strong track record of athletic accomplishment.
  • Participate in the applicable sports club at Maynooth University.
  • Intervarsity tournaments on behalf of Maynooth University
  • Visit schools or attend Open Days to talk about athletic talent and possibilities at Maynooth University.
  • Continue to be in good standing with the University

Specific qualifications for MU soccer scholarship candidates include:

  • Scholarships are designed for student athletes who have demonstrated or are deemed to have the capacity to compete at the highest levels of third-level and national league competition.
  • Scholarships are given to both undergraduate and graduate students for one year. Renewal is conditional on maintaining a certain level of academic and athletic improvement.
  • Everyone is welcome to apply, regardless of whatever school or club they presently play for.

The scholarship directs the student’s journey to the top tier of the national league. It also provides access to the highest-level third-level soccer tournament.

For additional information about applying, please contact the Sports Development Officers at any time during the year.

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