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About National Louis University (NLU), USA

NLU is a private university which main campus is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The university enrolls undergraduate and graduate students in more than 60 programs offered at all of its four campuses in the U.S.

As for National Louis University ranking, it is ranked between 299 to 391 in national universities list published by the U.S. News.

If you seek for National Louis University acceptance rate, it is 97.5%. The GPA required for admission is 2.00 on a 4.0 scale (for more details and updated information, the applicants should check at university’s website or communicate with the university).

NLU offers certificate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in Chicago and Florida in many areas such as business, education, hospitality management, psychology and culinary arts.

Information about NLU International Fresh Start Scholarship

There are plenty of NLU scholarships available to international students. Among them, International Fresh Start scholarship is the one going to be discussed here. All incoming international students, who are freshman (20 semester/30 quarter hours or less of transfer credit) and the one who are beginning their university coursework at undergraduate college of National Louis University for the first time on-campus in Wheeling or Chicago, will be conferred with NLU International Fresh Start Scholarship automatically.

Brief Description:

Let’s find out the details the scholarship briefly so that every student can understand the information.

Country: United States of America

University: National Louis University

Programme: Undergraduate

Financial Coverage: Funded

Eligibility Criteria for NLU International Fresh Start Scholarship:

To be considered for scholarship at NLU, you need to demonstrate your eligibility.

  • All international students on F1 student visa are eligible to apply.
  • They have to be the first-time freshman (completed less than 20 semester hours/30 quarter hours of prior university level coursework).
  • The applicants are pursuing an undergraduate program conducted at the Undergraduate College of NLU.
  • At Chicago or Wheeling campus, the applicants have to be the new students commencing their NLU coursework on-campus.
  • The applicants are only entitled to get one NLU resource per academic year.
  • Remember, NLU Scholarships are only for tuition fees coverage and not refundable to the students.
  • To keep receiving the scholarship, the students need to maintain full-time status (14 plus credits/term) and their continuous enrollment (summer is optional).
    A minimum 2.00 GPA is required, as the students have to maintain it.
  • To remain eligible for NLU Scholarships, the students should be aware of the policies of university and need to maintain their F1 visa status.

Financial Coverage:

Financial support is available in terms of financial coverage to successful students. Your NLU International Fresh Start Scholarship is renewable each term of study. It lessens your tuition costs to 44%. As for the present per credit hour rate for UGC programs, it is $430 per quarter credit hour. So, the NLU International Fresh start Scholarship will lessen the tuition costs for eligible students to $239 per quarter credit hour. The IFSS takes the annual tuition cost (3 quarters of program study per annum) to $10, 755 per year.

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