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Application Deadline: March 15, 2023

After a successful inaugural Design Futures Lab 2022, an application call for a second edition of the lab is now open.

The lab allows for the worlds of fashion and immersive technology to merge in a radical exploration of storytelling, world-building, and reimagining futures by combining the skillsets of fashion practitioners and digital technologists.

The Design Futures Lab 2023 creates a space for new narratives at the intersection of immersive technology and sustainable fashion and design by combining the worlds of fashion and new media.

 British Council, Electric South, Twyg, Korokoza and Crossover Labs are excited to invite dynamic digital and fashion, (including accessories and footwear) designers to apply for the Design Futures Lab 2023.


  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be citizens or permanent residents of South Africa or Zimbabwe.
  • Currently live in South Africa or Zimbabwe and able to travel on the days required.
  • Submit in pairs, with one concept (two creatives per concept – one team member should be a creative technologist or, comfortable exploring new technologies).
  • One member should have some form of experience in a creative technology field.
  • One member should have experience in fashion and/or design (this includes apparel, footwear and accessories)
  • Be willing to complete a self-directed African Creative Economy course up to Intermediate Level.
  • Attend all components of the Design Futures Lab.


  • Each team will be awarded a grant of R60,000.00 to develop their digital prototype/proof of concept.
  • Bring together education, experimentation, and exploration to support young creatives to bring their ideas into the immersive space.
  • Partner with both local and international experts, guest speakers and market access professionals to set our participants up in an environment that promotes collaboration and creativity.
  • The Design Futures programme will fully cover travel, accommodation and meals for participants selected for the lab.

Visit the official website for details and application