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Application Deadline: March 30, 2023

Are you involved with products or applications that use artificial intelligence? Are you interested in ethical issues and in making products and applications more inclusive and sustainable? Do you like working in international interdisciplinary teams and enjoy changing perspectives? Then apply for our two-month online Fellowship Programme “AI to Amplify”, consisting of seminars, networking events and workshops, starting in May 2023. The focus is on the exchange between the participants and the sensitization for questions of ethics and inclusion through the invitation of international speakers who illuminate the topic of artificial intelligence from different perspectives. The participants should inform each other about local needs and identify a relevant topic in their project location.


  • Coders and developers from the Global North and the Global South in cooperation with local coding initiatives. Applications from philosophers, artists, sociologists, lawyers and civil society actors are also welcome.


  • The training programme is tailored to the needs of the participants and is free of charge.
  • It offers you the chance to meet other social activists, to gain new perspectives and to network internationally.
  • You can contribute your own ideas and perspectives to the development of community-oriented products and applications and develop them further in the team. This will give your ideas and perspectives high visibility.
  • Six winning teams will receive seed money to further develop their prototypes and present them at a conference in the Global North. They thus become part of a worldwide movement/community.
  • After a second selection process, two winning teams will receive seed money of € 10,000 for the further realisation of the product idea or prototype.

Visit the official website for details and application