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Application Deadline: May 31, 2023

Applications are open for the Southern Voice Young Think Tankers Pitching Contest 2023. Southern Voice, in partnership with On Think Tanks (OTT), is launching the call for proposals for an exciting pitching contest for YTTs from the Global South in September, 2023.

The key theme of this event is fostering collaboration among young think tankers from the Global South. It aims to bring to the forefront concrete proposals on how to enhance these types of partnerships and provide them an effective networking platform to ensure impact.

The Challenge:

Imagine you are appointed as the UN Youth Envoy, who is also the presiding officer of the newly established UN Office for Youth. As a mandate of the resolution A/RES/76/306 passed by the General Assembly, your office has to promote meaningful, inclusive and effective engagement of youth and youth-led and youth focused organizations in the work of the United Nations. You are interested in including the voices of the youth from the Global South. However, you discover through a recent study by Southern Voice that there are currently not many avenues for collaboration available to the young think tankers from the Global South. This inspires you to think about how to enable these collaborations among Southern Young Think Tankers (YTTs). Hence, you will need to prepare a proposal to the Secretary General of the UN.

Provide your unique and practical solution to improve the present state of collaborations among young think tankers. You can register your participation in the contest by filling this form. Kindly note that your proposal should be concise and compelling, of maximum 1200 words.

You can take into consideration the following guiding questions while drafting your proposal:

  • How can collaboration among the YTTs of the Global South be transformative for the United Nations?
  • What needs to be done to increase and improve collaboration among YTTs across the Global South?
  • How can the UN Office for Youth support these efforts?


Young think tankers must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Up to 35 years old
  • Affiliated with research organisations, think tanks, policy wings of government/legislatures, universities/other academic institutions, policy network organisations or any such research institutions of government/non-government nature from the Global South.


  • The three winners will get the opportunity to showcase their ideas at the Southern Voice conference in November in Kenya. Southern Voice will fund their travel.
  • They will also be invited to become the steering group for improving networking opportunities among early career policy professionals of the Global South to promote the ideas suggested throughout the pitching contest.

Visit official webpage for details and application