2023 LEG Fellowships for Doctoral Students in Germany

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Application Deadline: February 15, 2023

Scholarship Description:

LEG Fellowships for Doctoral Students 2023 is open for International Students . The scholarship allows Fellowship level programme(s) in the field of History, Theology taught at Leibniz Institute of European History .

The Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) awards fellowships to young academics from Germany and abroad for both doctoral and postdoctoral research. The research must focus on the religious, political, social, and cultural history of Europe from the early modern period to 1989/90. The IEG particularly welcomes comparative, transnational, and transfer-historical research projects, as well as those that deal with topics of intellectual, theological, or church history.

Fellowship holders have the opportunity to collaborate with the academic staff of the IEG in the Institute’s research areas. Each fellowship holder is assigned a contact person from among the academic staff of the IEG who can offer them advice and mentoring. Research projects must be at least six months in duration in order to qualify for IEG funding. Fellowship holders and fellows reside and work in the Institute building in Mainz. The specialist library of the Institute and other resources available in Mainz are available for the use of the fellowship holders and fellows to conduct their research. The duty to reside at the Institute does not preclude short trips to archives, libraries, specialist researchers, and conferences elsewhere. The working languages at the IEG are German and English and proficiency in both languages is expected to participate in discussions at the Institute.

Degree Level:

LEG Fellowships for Doctoral Students 2023 is available to undertake Fellowship level programs at Leibniz Institute of European History.

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.

  • History
  • Theology

Scholarship Benefits:

1. Fellowship rates (from 01/01/2019)

The IEG Fellowships are jointly funded by the federal and state government. The fellowships are used exclusively for the purpose of conducting the research project described in the application at the IEG. Thus, no other form of employment or funding can be pursued or availed of for the duration of the fellowship.

IEG Fellowship for doctoral students have a monthly value of € 1,350.

2. Family allowance

Fellowship holders whose partners accompany them to Mainz and do not have an income of more than 450 euros per month may receive a family allowance. Please indicate in your application whether your partner accompanies you to Mainz.

Fellows who come to Mainz accompanied by their underage children can apply for child allowance.

Eligibility Criteria:

This fellowship is open to PhD students from Germany and abroad who have at least a Masters level degree in history, theology or another discipline which works historically. They must have been pursuing their doctorate for no more than three years at the time of the application deadline, though exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances. As a research institution that is not part of a university, the Institute does not hold any examinations and does not award any academic qualifications. Dissertations are completed under the supervision of the fellowship holder’s supervisor at their home university.

Visit the official website for details and application