Studying abroad is one of the most exciting parts of a student’s life. However, students do face various challenges. Despite it being the perfect opportunity to travel, meet new friends, learn a new language, amongst many other things, for some, moving to another country is not an easy transition.

Currency Differences & Finances

Trying to understand a different currency is another common challenge students face. You want to ensure you are familiar with the conversion this way you don’t end up spending more money than you should. Many countries include taxes in their prices, however, international students should be aware in North American countries, taxes are not included and so they must be calculated in addition to the price presented on the product.


It’s easy to begin feeling homesick when everything around you is so unfamiliar. You will miss the things you find comfort in, such as the couch in your living room and your annoying yet loving sibling. Remember, homesickness is a natural feeling and is expected when moving miles away from home, whether it is your first time living on your own or not. Don’t let it stand in the way of making your time abroad an incredible experience! Your family and friends will still be there when you get back, in fact, you can connect with them through technology. Get out and explore your area, you will quickly move past the homesick feeling.

Cultural Challenges

When you arrive in the United States, you will be immersed in a different culture than you are used to at home. Known as “culture shock,” the intense feelings of homesickness and irritability you may experience when traveling to a new country with a different language and customs can feel overwhelming at first. American customs at restaurants, in the classroom, and in everyday life can feel strange if you are used to another culture.

Financial Challenges

College in the United States is expensive. Out-of-state tuition at a public university costs “an arm and a leg,” and private schools cost even more. According to, a moderate budget for a private college is $47,831 per year. With that kind of expense, it is important to figure out how to pay for tuition and expenses before you arrive.

Social challenges

Not only do students and teachers interact differently in the United States, but people interact differently in social situations as well. Starting out as a new student in a program abroad can feel intimidating and lonely, so try to step out of your comfort zone and get to know as many people as you can while you are getting acquainted with your new home for the duration of your studies

Making friends

This is another vital as well as common problem of international. USA hosts students from all over the world and there are high chances of dissolving in the queues of peoples. Additionally, some students are shy and not open by their social background and culture. In this case, it will be very hectic to him/her.

New Education system

The education system in the United States is highly advanced and innovative. It will be very hard and struggling for someone not with a base or any ideas. Similarly, assignments and paper writings are also tough and solid. International students struggling and razing themselves to run along with the US education system is a common problem.

Language barriers

Majority of the population in the United States speak English. So will be a compulsion for international students to speak English. However, international students should demonstrate good English language level to apply for college or visa. But the main language error is caused by slangs and accent. Plus, Americans speak too fast which is hard for non-native speakers to understand.

It is therefore important to take note of the above if you intend to study in the USA someday.

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