Guide for Cameroonian Students Intending to Study in North America and Europe

Guide for Cameroonians Intending to Study in North America and Europe

Guide for Cameroonians Intending to Study in North America and EuropeAre you a Cameroonian student intending to further your studies abroad, especially in North America and Europe?  Read this and keep in mind that you are not alone. Also note that these two regions are known for quality education and for having good research facilities.

The reasons to choose these destinations abound. A majority of the countries in these regions offer affordable education, such as Norway in the Scandinavian and others in Europe, scholarships to Cameroonian students, affordable accommodation, health insurance amongst others.

That notwithstanding, there are a number of challenges you may face such as meeting the minimum admission requirements to win scholarships or gain admission into universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Finland, Spain, France, Hungary, Austria, etc. These usually arise from difficulties related to the educational systems in Cameroon marred by irregularities thereby calling for stricter measures to verify the authenticity of academic credentials.

The general requirements to gain admissions into North American and European universities include very good academic results, English language proficiency, work and professional experience, standard curriculum vitae, motivation letter, and a copy of your passport. For academic records, a minimum of a B grade is accepted in most cases. Proof of language skills with internationally accepted language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS is needed even though some countries offer exemption if you studied your undergrad in English or you had at least a C grade in English Language for students who studied in English in the case of Cameroon. Work and professional experience of one to two years with an up to date curriculum vitae and strong motivation are also requisite.

Guide for Cameroonians Intending to Study in North America and EuropeThe truth is that most prospects who do not meet the admission requirements in a majority of the universities and either get discouraged or give up in the process of looking for admissions. However, they fail to understand that there are some universities in North America and Europe that offer admissions to students without giving much cognizance to international language tests, some subsidize living expenses and others accept average grades for admission.

Universities in North America with not so strict admissions requirements include Concordia University, Memorial University, Carleton University, Brock University, University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan and University of Winnipeg in Canada; University of Delaware, Colorado University, California State University, State University of New York, University of Iowa, University of Arkansas, University of Dayton, and the University of New Orleans in America. In Europe generally, they include the University of Basel, University of Warwick, London South Bank University, Birmingham City University, Middlesex University, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Central Lancashire, RIGA Technical University, Northumbria University, University of Geneva and Audencia Nantes School of Management.

To help you navigate the process of studying in North America and Europe without much difficulty by throwing more light on how these opportunities can be made use of and how admission challenges can be overcome, contact Ngenge-PGS Team.