The 2022 New Economy Washington Frontline Community Fellowship Program in the USA.

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Deadline: April 26, 2022.

The Fellowship Program objective is to support communities to experiment in making change to the underlying conditions of our economy, toward an economy of democracy and community control, that is sustainable and equitable, and creates shared economic well-being by fulfilling local BIPOC needs. Examples from our inaugural 2021 Fellows include:

  • Indigenous artists reclaiming stolen land and building vehicles to empower Native creative economies
  • Black-led organizations building community controlled development infrastructure that builds generational wealth and combats displacement
  • Gig workers unions winning ground breaking labour protections and creating mutual aid systems that combat the devastating effects of COVID-19
  • Latina community leaders creating urban farming and food systems that they own and control cooperatively and more!


This fellowship empowers emerging new economy leaders to advance their pilot initiatives. Four to five fellowships will be selected and allocated initial grants to advance their project and participate in a cohort of Frontline Community Fellows. As a Fellow, you will receive:

  • Grant of $8,000 to $10,000
  • Relationship building and peer learning
  • Customized project support
  • Access to technical experts and professional development learning opportunities
  • Opportunities to showcase project and consult with funder communities and other partners
  • New this year, Fellows will join a participatory budgeting process for the 2022 New Economy Washington Fund, a community controlled funding pool of up to $100,000* to be distributed at the discretion of fellows and other new economy leaders and organizations

Visit the official website for details and application here: