2022/2023 Fully Funded Islamic University of Madinah Scholarships in Saudi Arabia

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Application Deadline: December 31, 2022 

Host Country: Saudi Arabia
Scholarship Sponsor: Islamic University Of Madinah
Program: Bachelor, Undergraduate
Scholarship Type: Fully Funded

The interested international students who want to apply for the Islamic University of Madinah scholarships in Saudi Arabia can process their application now.

The Islamic University of Madinah was founded in 1961. Its scholarships programs are open to Muslim applicants and its target is to produce scholars specialized in Islamic and Arabic Sciences, including the Islamic faith. The Islamic University offers its teaching in Qur’an, Sharia, Arabic, Hadith and Dawah/Usul al-din.

While you study at Islamic University of Madinah, you will receive quality education including opportunities for the career destination. IU has world-class infrastructure and professional staff.


Successful candidates of the Islamic University of Madinah Scholarships will receive the following:
• You be receiving a monthly allowance.
• If you achieve a grade of excellence, you will have access to extra benefit.
• Non-married women will have access to a free furnished accommodation.
• You will have access to a quality healthcare at the University hospital.
• You will have access to food at the University restaurant for a small monthly fee.
• You will use of the social, training, and sports  You will have access to food at the University restaurant for a small monthly fee facilities at the university.
• You will be given free daily transportation to and from the Prophet’s Mosque, as well as regular organized ‘Umrah (lesser pilgrimage) trips.
• You receive a free plane ticket upon admission, including a free ticket at the end of each academic year.

Eligibility Criteria:

• Islamic students from all countries are eligible to apply
• Course: Bachelor of Science program
• Interested candidate must be a Muslim male of good conduct.
• Interested candidate must pledge to abide by the rules and regulations of the University.
• Interested candidate must be medically fit.
• Interested candidate must have a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or its equivalent, from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• The interested candidate certificate must have been issued by a government school, or a recognized private school.
• Interested candidate must be dedicated to a full-time study.
• The interested candidate age must be between (17 and 25 years), upon beginning study.
• The interested candidate must abide by any other conditions defined by the University Management.
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