2022/23 Forrest Research Foundation Fellowships Programme in Australia

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Deadline: May 9, 2022.

Forrest post-doctoral fellows are more than just intellectually brilliant. They are adventurous, curious, open to ideas from anywhere. They embrace unusual approaches to problem-solving and take risks others may not. They enjoy breaking with convention – the path less travelled is appealing because new frontiers offer new opportunities for discovery. They are intellectually generous and take time to understand and challenge ideas, collaborating to improve outcomes for the community and the world.


  • Salary consistent with a Level A Step 8 appointment (for example The University of Western Australia Salary Scales approximately $95,000 in salary plus 17% superannuation)
  • An accommodation allowance of $21,640 per annum in 2022 (subject to marginal tax rate)
  • A once-off research and travel allowance of up to $12,000, plus economy airfare to Perth. The research and travel allowance is available for approved research-related expenses, overseas research, and conference travel.
  • Forrest Fellows will provide up to 1 day per week to advance the general mission of the Forrest Research Foundation including providing mentoring, ambassadorial and leadership to Forrest Scholars, Forrest Hall and the Forrest Research Foundation. Appointments at Level B will be considered if supported by the employing university.


To be eligible to apply applicants must be in their final year of PhD or no more than two years post PhD conferral.
  • Applicants must reside at Forrest Hall for the duration of the Fellowship.
  • Applicants must be intending to meet the requirements of a Forrest Fellow including mentoring of Forrest Scholars, ambassadorial duties for the Forrest Research Foundation and in providing leadership within Forrest Hall.
  • Applicants must meet employment eligibility conditions at the nominated university.
  • Researchers from all disciplines are eligible to apply.

Selection Criteria:

As a Forrest Fellow you will be resilient and have learned from life’s challenges. You will have a long-standing commitment to your chosen field and a strong desire to share your ideas, teach and learn from others.
Applications will be assessed by the Forrest Research Foundation Selection Committee on the basis of each applicant’s:

  • outstanding academic achievements;
  • exceptional ability, resourcefulness and originality;
  • potential to make a positive difference to the world;
  • their ability and commitment to mentoring and leadership within the Forrest Research Foundation Community (including Forrest Scholars and at Forrest Hall); and
  • a demonstration of how the award would help build world-class innovation and research capacity in Western Australia.

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