2022 Trading Internship at Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG) Sydney, Australia.

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Are you passionate about maths, puzzles, and strategy games? Interested in how you can turn this passion into a career?

SIG Quantitative Trading Internship Program

SIG’s Quantitative Trading Internship offers a unique opportunity to learn about quantitative trading. Working from our Sydney office, our interns will get to experience how our traders use decision science, game theory, and technology to make trading decisions. Our education program combines both classrooms and the ‘trading desk’ training, which provides interns with deep exposure to trading, so they can decide if it is what they want to pursue as a career. Interns can expect:

• Option theory and option modeling lessons in the classroom.

What we’re looking for:

• Problem Solvers: You enjoy solving puzzles and love it when you discover a solution to a difficult problem.

• Numerical + Logical: When it comes to decision-making, you use clear and sound reasoning. You’re rational and like to use numbers and data to come up with sensible solutions.

• Communicators: You enjoy building relationships with those you work closely with. You enjoy sharing ideas, expressing your thoughts, and listening to the views of others

• Curious: You’re excited by a career in Trading. You don’t need to have studied Finance (we’ll teach you what you need to know)

• Penultimate Year Student: Confirmed plan to graduate by December 2023 with a STEM or other Quantitative degree, distinction average WAM, from an Australian or New Zealand University

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