2022 University of Tasmania International Scholarships in Australia

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Application Deadline: Ongoing.

Brief Description :

Country: Australia

University: University of Tasmania

Programs: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework

Financial Coverage: Funded

Eligibility Criteria for TIS Scholarships:

If you want to receive the funding, you need to be eligible by meeting the below mentioned standards set by the university.

  • Study Abroad and Exchange international students who are undertaking short-term academic programs for the period of six to twelve months at University of Tasmania are not eligible to apply and receive any international student scholarship or university bursary.
  • In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the applicants first need to submit their applications for studying at the University of Tasmania. There is no need to make a separate application for scholarship, the applicants will automatically be assessed for scholarship at the time of submission of their international student application.
  • The committee will assess the scholarship applications basing around applicants’ academic merit earned in studies at secondary, degree and diploma levels. Their applications will be assessed for all semester intakes and the committee will decide on the basis of an applicant’s highest qualification level before commencement of their intended study program (at least one-year duration).
  • Remember, qualifications and grading scales may vary from country to country.

Financial Coverage:

Chosen students will receive 25% reduction in tuition fees for the entire duration of their program.

Note: If awarded, the offer letters of admission will show the details that you have been conferred with scholarship opportunity.

Majority of the universities around the world award scholarship or financial assistance to international students so that they can let their dreams happen and pursue their higher studies abroad. Continuing with the trend, University of Tasmania in Australia too provides scholarship opportunities to the students wishing to study there. As for the university and its worth in the world and among the students across the globe, it enjoys high ranking and a giant worth. Every other student from all parts of the world would like to study at this university. If you too show your interest to join the massive bandwagon of students over there, you are provided with the opportunity titled Tasmanian International Scholarship to submit your applications.

Information about Tasmanian International Scholarship

The scholarship opportunities are for all commencing international students. The successful applicants will receive a 25% reduction in their tuition fees for their chosen program. It will be conferred for the duration of the course (provided that the students maintain satisfactory grades).

There is no nationality restriction for this opportunity. All students of the world, who submit the international student application, are eligible for this financial aid.

Students who submit their international student application to study in an undergraduate degree (with the exception of Bachelor of Dementia Care, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and AMC Seafaring courses) will be assessed automatically for Tasmanian International Scholarship. Admission team will make the assessment.

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