Applicants must fulfill the following conditions: 

1. Must be Wimbum by birth or have acquired membership by affiliation as proscribed by the constitution 

2. Must have completed their studies during the 2021/2022 academic year 

3. Candidates who have passed but have not yet received their Result Slip are eligible to apply 


Successful candidates should scan the following documents and send to WISU through their VILLAGE BRANCH PRESIDENTS or through WhatsApp number: +237670084813 

1. Completed application form 

2. Copy of birth certificate 

3. Copy of the Result Slip or a scanned section of newspaper containing results. 


11:59 P.M., September 5, 2022 


1. Each laurate will receive a scholarship worth 25,000FCFA 

2. The overall best History Student at the 2nd cycle will receive a special award of 25,000FCFA 



1. After the application deadline, the scholarship award committee will review all applications based on the number of points, Papers earned as well as the applicant’s village of origin to ensure equal representation. In case of a tie other parameters such as gender, IDP status, Orphan or village of origin are going to be considered. 

2. The two subdivisions that make up Mbum-land shall have equal number of laurates 

To support this scholarship scheme contact us on +237675844850 or +237679850450 

Attached is the application form

Application form