2023/24 Fully Funded BIGSSS-DAAD PhD Scholarship at Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, Germany

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Application Deadline: January 23, 2023.

The DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP) is a funding scheme of the German Academic Exchange System (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD) that aims at increasing the number of international doctoral candidates within German structured graduate education. It is directed towards German institutions of higher education offering international structured PhD education and funds up to four years of education of PhD candidates. Interested PhD candidates apply directly at selected institutions like BIGSSS.

BIGSSS was selected twice by the DAAD to host eight international PhD students in its GSSP. In 2023 and 2024, two scholarships each are available in the research program “Global Dynamics of Social Policy and Social Cohesion” (GSPSC). In 2021 and 2022, two scholarships each were awarded in the program “GloWel – Global Inequality, the Middle Classes and the Welfare State“.Doctoral researchers at BIGSSS pursue their projects under the interdisci­p­linary umbrella theme Chang­ing Patterns of Social and Political Integration, with focal points in Global Governance and Regional Integration (Political Science), Welfare State and Inequality (Political Science, Sociology), and Diversity and Socio-Cultural Contexts (Psychology, Sociology and Political Science). These thematic foci align with the associat­ed research units at Bremen (SOCIUMCollaborative Research Centre 1342 Global Dynamics of Social PolicyInIISResearch Centre for Social Cohesion and School of Business Social, and Decision Sciences at the Constructor University) and form the core research frame­work of the aca­demic program.

Global Dynamics of Social Policy and Social Cohesion (GSPSC)

The program Global Dynamics of Social Policy and Social Cohesion (GSPSC) focuses on the question of how social policy and social cohesion are related on a global, regional or national level. Comparative or transnational perspectives that address interdependencies between the global South and North are especially welcome. Single country case studies may scrutinize the complex interlinkages social policy and social cohesion. The program has strong ties to Bremen’s Collaborative research Centre 1342 Global Dynamics of Social Policy, the national Research Centre for Social Cohesion, and intense exchange with the PhD students of the GloWel program and the Research Training Group Social Dynamics of the Self. Learn more about the program and the call for application here

Global Inequality, the Middle Classes and the Welfare State (GloWel)

The program Global Inequality, the Middle Classes and the Welfare State (GloWel) focuses on the interrelation between the development of global inequalities, global social policies, and the role of the emerging middle classes for social and political integration. Embedded in the vibrant Bremen social science environment, we are particularly interested in comparative perspectives on the Global South and North.

The program has also strong ties to Bremen’s Collaborative research Centre 1342 Global Dynamics of Social Policy and the national Research Centre for Social Cohesion. There is an intense exchange with the PhD students of the Research Training Group Social Dynamics of the Self.

The program started in 2021 with two PhD Fellows. In 2022 two more PhD Fellows joined the program. All available fellowships in this program have now been filled. Learn more about the program here.


The Scholarship Programme is providing the following benefits:

  • a stipend of 1,200 EUR monthly, for a maximum of 48 months,
  • additional travel allowance for stays abroad and research trips,
  • complete medical insurance plus a combined liability and accident insurance,
  • support with research expenses,
  • if necessary and applicable, additional family allowances (eg. rent) and
  • a German language course at Bremen.

Visit the official website for details and application

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