2023 Amgen Scholars Program at Kyoto University in Japan(Funded)

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Application Deadline: February 01, 2023

Kyoto University is pleased to announce the opening of applications for the 2023 Kyoto University Amgen Scholars Program.

Undergraduate participants can benefit from undertaking research projects with top faculty, being part of a cohort-based experience of seminars and networking events, and taking part in a student-focused Asia Symposium on biotechnology (co-hosted by Asia-based program partners (the University of Tokyo, National University of Singapore, and Tsinghua University), featuring presentations by leading scientists.

Program period: 6 June – 5 August 2023

Number of participants: 23

Financial support: Scholarship (180,000 yen), travel costs, and accommodation

General Eligibility:

The Amgen Scholars Program at Kyoto University aims to support international and domestic students so they can study at Kyoto University as vacation scholars.

In accordance with an instruction from the Amgen Foundation, Kyoto University selects half of the annual participants from colleges and universities throughout Asia*, while the other half may come from colleges and universities across the globe.

Amgen Scholars Asia Program applicants must be undergraduate students who are:

  • Enrolled in colleges or universities worldwide that award a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent); and
  • At minimum, have completed their first year of undergraduate study at the time the summer program begins, and
  • Are not graduating before the summer program begins, and after the summer program ends will resume undergraduate studies for at least 1 semester or quarter

Asia Program applicants must also have:

  • A strong record of academic performance; and,
  • A good working knowledge of English, demonstrated by a minimum TOEFL (iBT) score of 72, IELTS overall band score of 5.5, Cambridge English FCE, TOEIC score of 1095, TOEIC L&R score of 785, or TOEIC S&W score of 310, if not a native English speaker or English is not your first language, and
  • An interest in pursuing a Ph.D.

In addition, the applicants must agree that:

  • The program may be changed or deferred if holding the program safely and smoothly seems difficult due to the pandemic of the covid-19 and the boarder restrictions in Japan.
  • A vaccine passport may be required to participate in the program.

Program Requirements:

Amgen Scholars at Kyoto University must agree to:

  • Travel between the nearest airport to their university, and Osaka on the dates and the most economical routes designated by Kyoto University.
  • Observe quarantine requirements when entering Japan.
  • Submit original boarding pass to Kyoto University.
  • Stay at the accommodation designated and provided by Kyoto University for the duration of the program, including during the Amgen Scholars Asia Symposium.
  • Undertake an eight-week intensive research project at one of the participating laboratories.
  • Provide a copy of their valid passport to the program office as soon as their participation in the program is confirmed. If necessary, apply for the appropriate visa(s) for entry Japan and/or Singapore in a timely fashion.
  • Assign any intellectual property that results from their work during the program to their supervisor in the first instance.
  • Agree to be photographed by Kyoto University during the program and grant the right to use the photos for a purpose of publication.
  • Fully participate in the academic activities of the laboratories they are assigned to, attending any relevant research seminars and workshops.
  • Attend the orientation, all required conferences, activities, and social events organized through the Amgen Scholars Program at Kyoto University.
  • Provide feedback on the Amgen Scholars Program at Kyoto University.
  • Contribute to media requests from the Amgen Foundation.
  • Prepare a poster presentation on their work at the end of the program.
  • Participate in the Amgen Scholars Asia Symposium.

Given the intensive nature of the program, participants will be unable to engage in other work or study during the period of the program. Applications from students who do not plan to be present at Kyoto University for the full duration of the program will not be considered.



180,000 yen will be provided to Amgen Scholars.
Scholars will receive:

  • 90,000 yen at the beginning of the program
  • 90,000 yen in the middle of July

Travel Costs

Kyoto University stipulates the travel schedule and route, and provides an economy-class airline ticket. If the student cannot arrive in Japan on the specified dates for personal reasons, no travel expenses will be provided.

  • For students from universities outside Japan
    Airline tickets are provided for flights between the nearest airport to the student’s university and Osaka by the most direct and economical route.
  • For students from universities in Japan (excluding Kyoto University students)
    A round-trip ticket is provided for travel between the nearest airport to the student’s university and Osaka, or between nearest train station to the student’s university and Kyoto.


All Amgen Scholars (excluding Kyoto University students) will be accommodated in Kyoto.
The payment for accommodation will be made directly to the real estate agency by Kyoto University.

Amgen Scholars Asia Symposium

The Amgen Scholars Asia Symposium will take place either in-person in Singapore or online during the program period.
In either case, attendance at the Asia Symposium is obligatory for those enrolled in the Amgen Scholars Program.

Health Insurance/Liability Insurance

All students must arrange their own private health insurance. Please be aware that neither the Amgen Foundation nor the Kyoto University can provide health insurance.
All students must also enroll in Kyoto University’s “Co-op Liability Insurance” upon arrival.

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