2023 AWARD Leadership Program for Emerging African Women in Science in Kenya

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Application Deadline: June 16, 2023 

Applications are open for the AWARD Leadership Program 2023 for Emerging African Women in Science. The inaugural Cohort of the AWARD Leadership Program for Emerging African Women in Science, piloted in 2021, comprised 24 women from 10 African countries. They are excited to invite applications for a second Cohort of young women in science who will participate in an enhanced customised leadership program.

The six-month virtual collaborative leadership program is uniquely designed to equip participants with the skills and confidence to lead and innovate. Participants will attend immersive training sessions on various topics, including leadership and management, communication and gender-responsive research. The program is further designed to foster peer learning through group coaching, enabling participants to leverage peers’ wisdom and experience to respond to leadership challenges better.

The Leadership Program will also expose participants to innovative tools for developing career roadmaps and navigating complex environments, expanding their networks while prioritizing their participation in various learning forums offered by AWARD and its partners.

Programme Structure:

The Leadership Program for Emerging African Women in STEM will comprise highly interactive training sessions on leadership and management, proposal writing and communication skills, gender responsive research, as well as group coaching sessions. AWARD Training will deliver the training and coaching. The training sessions will comprise two weekly live virtual sessions and offline assignments and offered over a period of six months.

Participants will get a deeper understanding of:

  • Effective leadership styles and developing their leadership potential.
  • How to define their career path and leverage networks to advance their careers.
  • How to develop personal brands to build confidence in pitching their research ideas to potential funding agencies and collaborators.
  • The necessary tools and skills to successfully manage teams, navigate organizational dynamics, build alliances, and take risks.
  • How to navigate around gender dynamics and apply proven strategies to be effective negotiators and
    problem solvers.


  • The program is available to high-potential female applicants below the age of 35 years working in science, and with at least five years full-time sector experience.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of a B.Sc. degree from a recognized university.
  • Applicants must demonstrate their commitment to growth, clearly articulate their career goals and demonstrate their ability to take on leadership responsibility.
  • Only applicants from sub-Saharan African countries are eligible to apply.
  • The language of instruction and delivery is English, and participants must have a working knowledge of the English language. Language support is not available for this program.

Visit official webpage for details and application

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