2023 Bina Agarwal Prize for Young Scholars in USA (Funded)

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Application Deadline: May 15, 2023

Nominations for the  2023 Bina Agarwal Prize for Young Scholars in Ecological Economics are now open. The International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) announces the Bina Agarwal Prize for Young Scholars in Ecological Economics, to be awarded biennially for outstanding contributions to Ecological Economics.

The field of Ecological Economics is of critical importance to enhance human well-being and environmental sustainability, with social justice. This international prize has been established by ISEE to honor young scholars who have made pioneering intellectual contributions in this interdisciplinary field, especially those relating to developing countries and least-developed countries.


  • The nominee should have made substantial and original contributions in the field of Ecological Economics, broadly defined to include environmental social sciences and environmental history.
  • The contributions should include a notable body of published research of excellence (in terms of authored books and papers) in Ecological Economics, mainly as it relates to developing countries. Additional weight can be given to nominees whose work also shows demonstrated impact beyond academia, including on policy change.
  • Nominees can be based anywhere in the world and belong to any discipline or nationality.
  • ISEE members and regional societies of Ecological Economics members can nominate.
  • Self-nominations are ineligible

Regional coverage: The nominee’s contributions should relate substantively to developing countries and least-developing countries. The selection will be made by an international jury.

Prize Benefits: 

  • The Prize will carry an honorarium of USD 1000 (One thousand US dollars) and a Citation, with additional supplementary funds of up to USD 1500, if needed, for the prize recipient’s travel & accommodation to receive the prize. ISEE may invite the prize recipient to make a keynote presentation at the award event to be held this year at ISEE’s 2023 Biennal Conference in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Visit official webpage for details and application

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