2023 Chegg Content Operations Internships in USA

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Application Deadline: Ongoing

Chegg is a publicly traded business that uses the ticker symbol CHGG on the NYSE, based in Santa Clara, California.

Chegg prioritise employees in the workplace the same way they prioritise students in  work. Together,  colleagues from all around the world develop a welcoming culture that embraces difference and builds on  shared enthusiasm for students.
Main goal is to support every student in doing their best in school and beyond as the premier student-first connected learning platform.

More than ever, students are putting forth extra effort to secure their future. The most recent report, State of the Student, reveals that almost three out of every four students work to pay for their own college expenses, and one in three students experience pressure to spend more money than they have.

To solve these problems, chegg built a company by offering reasonable textbook rental solutions. Since then, they have increased the range of services we provide to support students beyond their time in college, including Chegg Study, Chegg Maths, Chegg Writing, Chegg Internships and Thinkful Online Learning. By modernising the educational process, these options help students with their financial worries.

Things you need to know:

Interviewing hiring managers to learn what talents they are seeking for in recent graduates and utilising that information to suggest which programmes we should prioritise

  • concentrating on which sub-skills are essential versus not essential to include within each programme
  • assisting the GM in hiring and managing instructors and subject-matter specialists
  • assisting GM with programme quality assurance and feedback
  • Experience and credentials: Excellent attention to detail
  • incredibly analytical
  • centred on processes
  • excellent writer
  • extremely sympathetic
  • very sensitive to the needs of users and stakeholders
  • Comfort with the methods and instruments of project management is an advantage.
  • pursuing a degree in the social sciences or liberal arts
  • possess a valid work permit (US citizen, holder of a green card, or holder of an F1 student visa).
  • able to put in 40 hours a week


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