2023 EDHEC Business School Undergraduate Scholarships for International students in France

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Application Deadline: January 19, 2023 

At EDHEC, we believe that every student should be able to have access to higher education. This is why EDHEC Business School created scholarships dedicated to international students to help them finance the cost of their studies.

High Honours Scholarship: 8,000€

EDHEC offers High Honours Scholarship to candidates with a 3.80 cumulative GPA at their high school diploma. You can check on this GPA calculator.

Merit Scholarship: 4,000€ (session 2 only)

EDHEC offers Merit Scholarships to high-profile candidates applying before January 19th.

Social Criteria Bursary: 8,000€ (9,900€ for the Global Business track)

This bursary will be deducted from your 4 years of tuition fees. To be eligible, the applicant’s tax-free household allowance must be equal to or under 18,000€ for the tax assessment based on the most recent year income (not older than 2 years). Household allowance = overall Gross Income/Number of shares.

EDHEC scholarships cannot be combined. The most favourable scholarship will be applied to the applicant. The awarded scholarship is only applied once and will be deducted from the tuition fees.

State Scholarships:

Some countries offer specific scholarships to their nationals. We advise you to contact your dedicated governmental entities or organisations.

Visit the official website for details and application


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