2023 Famigro Award in Europe

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Application Deadline:  March 01, 2023

YFCS promotes the role of young people in preserving the future of Europe’s countryside and aims to provide them with the tools to do this in the best way possible. Famigro is a private company belonging to the Grotenfelt family. It was founded by Karl Grotenfelt in 1985. The Grotenfelt family represents more than 350 years of diversified landowning in Finland. The Famigro Award is granted annually to a young European countryside entrepreneur that has made or is making a special contribution to the rural economy and environment.

Eligibility Criteria:

The applicant shall (be):
● A European/UK citizen or permanent resident, or
● A group of Europeans represented by one person
● Between the age of 18 and 40
● Not have been awarded this prize previously
● Reapply if previously unsuccessful

The business should be:
● A for-profit business
● Registered and have its head office in the EU/UK
The project:
● Is already implemented
● Has a long-term scope and aims at future developments
● The business plan shows the development of one or more activities aiming at generating financial funds ensuring the continuity of the private enterprise
● Aims at developing innovative solutions for the creation and conservation of local economic development and fostering business opportunities
● Includes financial figures
● Is an example of good practice to other (rural) communities and is scalable and adaptable to different rural contexts

Selection Criteria:

● Best practices and replicability
● The long-term vision of the project
● Novel and innovative ideas
● Projects that are scalable
● Solutions that favour the development of rural economies and foster business opportunities
● Projects that contribute to improving the environment

Prize Description:

● A EUR 5,000 prize and diploma of recognition*
● Advertisement on the communication of the YFCS, FCS and ELO channels
● An article in the CountrySide Magazine (more than 4,000 readers)
● The opportunity to present the project at the FCS & YFCS General Assembly
*The jury may award more than one diploma of recognition if other projects are outstanding.

Visit the official website for details and application

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