2023 Fashion Week Internships Programme in London

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Application Deadline: Open

FWI internship programs present exciting opportunities for individuals to acquire knowledge and grow their expertise in the fashion industry. The programs provide interns with valuable industry insights while working in relevant and dynamic work environments.


  • Gain valuable real-world industry experience in dynamic and relevant work settings.
  • Develop and expand interns’ knowledge of the fashion industry.
  • Customized Programs: FWI works with each applicant and their own dedicated program manager to tailor a unique experience that meets their individual aims and goals. FWI utilizes its database of over 2,000 host companies to match applicants with businesses that will help them get the most out of their internship experience. In most cases, FWI internships can also be used to gain course credits.
  • Career and Personal Development Benefits: FWI interns receive several benefits, including valuable industry experience and the development of a transferable skill-set. Interns are also able to build a strong professional network, gain industry insight, and access job opportunities, job references, and qualified mentorship.
  • Dynamic and Fun Work Environments: FWI interns receive basic training and are challenged, stimulated, and immersed in fast-paced work environments. Interns will be performing tasks ranging from model advising to creating industry magazine copy. FWI interns gain unique insights and remarkable experiences that other internship providers can’t match.

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