2023 Fully Funded KAUST Global Fellowship in Saudi Arabia

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Application Deadline: January 15, 2023.

Scholarship Overview:

KAUST Global Fellowship in Saudi Arabia is an excellent opportunity for international post-doctorate students who want to excel in research. The fully funded fellowship 2023 aims to support brilliant young emerging researchers from around the globe. The KAUST fellowship will help them to pave the path to a successful research career; it provides an opportunity for students to learn through practical experiences in today’s world full of multiple global issues. This fellowship program will not only help them with expenses but also allow them to widen their perspective in engineering and science and become proficient.

KAUST encourage all highly motivated and qualified individuals to apply for the research fellowship program in the Middle East and helps them achieve their objectives through research and academia. The international paid fellowship program is a merit-based research-training program targeting research in 5 areas, including water, energy, food, health and digital domain. GFP is based on two points; the first is relevant and generic, and the other is research based on time relevancy. The KAUST believes in research first environment; therefore, international fellows will have access to key research tools, required equipment, facilities and expertise needed to build a strong community.

Benefits of KAUST Global Fellowship:

  • Fellows will receive a $75,000 annual stipend.
  • They will receive an annual research project budget of approx. $45,000.
  • Furthermore, fellows will receive free access to laboratories; they will work at the KAUST facility.
  • Moreover, they will receive accommodation.
  • Access to mentorship and professional development programs for free.
  • The host organization will cover travel and relocation allowance.
  • Provision of medical insurance.
  • Childcare and schooling if required by the fellow.

Scholarship Eligibility:

Here are the eligibility criteria for the KAUST Global Fellowship 2023:

  • Applicants must have a PhD within 4 years or shall have 4 years’ worth of research experience.
  • Their research project must be based on critical issues and global challenges relevant to the five pillars of research explained by the KAUST.
  • Furthermore, they must meet the requirements of Saudi Arabia to get residence there.
  • Eligible individuals from all countries can apply for the postdoctoral fellowship in Saudi Arabia 2023.

Visit the official website for details and application

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