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Application Deadline:  March 15, 2023


The Therle Drake Postgraduate Scholarship is a scholarship offered by Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand to support postgraduate study in music. The scholarship is named in honor of Therle Drake, a prominent New Zealand music educator and performer. The scholarship is open to New Zealand citizens, international students and permanent residents who have been accepted into a postgraduate program in music at Victoria University of Wellington. It is intended to support study in any area of music, including performance, composition, musicology, and music education.

About the university:

The School of Music at Victoria University of Wellington is one of the most well-regarded music schools in New Zealand. The school has a long history of excellence in music education and is known for its innovative programs and world-class faculty.

The School of Music offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in music, including performance, composition, musicology, ethnomusicology, and music education. The faculty is made up of internationally renowned musicians and scholars who are actively involved in research, performance, and creative practice.

The school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including several performance spaces, a recording studio, a music technology lab, and a collection of musical instruments and equipment. Students have access to a range of resources to support their studies, including a comprehensive music library and a network of professional partnerships with local and national music organizations.

The School of Music also has a strong commitment to community engagement and outreach, offering a range of public concerts, workshops, and events throughout the year. These events provide valuable opportunities for students to gain performance experience and to connect with other musicians and music enthusiasts in the wider community.

The School of Music at Victoria University of Wellington is a vibrant and dynamic music school that offers students the opportunity to study music in a supportive and stimulating environment, with access to world-class resources and faculty.

Degree Level:

Postgraduate level programs at Victoria University of Wellington.

Available Subjects:

  • Music


Partial funding up to  $15,000 (subject to available funds)

Eligible Nationalities:

This scholarship is open to international students.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must be enrolling or have enrolled for postgraduate study at Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music at Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington.
  • The scholarship can involve the student attending a short course; or attending and/or participating in a concert and/or masterclass in Europe, North America or Australia.
  • The scholarship is open to New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and international students.

Visit the official website for details and application