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Application Deadline: November 01, 2022


  • Scholarship Host Country Switzerland
  • Course Level: Master’s Degree
  • Number of Scholarships: 10 scholarships a year.
  • Eligibility: International students

    The University of Lausanne is happy to announce the UNIL Masters Scholarship 2023 in Switzerland for the academic year 2023-24. The UNIL scholarships are awarded to high achieving students who want to pursue their masters degree from the University of Lausanne Switzerland.

    The UNIL Master’s Scholarships are awarded exclusively to outstanding students who have completed their bachelors degree from a foreign university. A stipend of CHF 1,600 per month will be provided for the complete duration of the master’s program (depending on the chosen masters)The University of Lausanne was founded in 1537 as a school of theology but received the name and status of a university in 1890. The University is located near the beautiful lake of Genova, Switzerland.

    Courses Offered By UNIL:

    • Master of Science in Physical Education & Sports Didactics
    • Master from the School of Medicine
    • Master of education
    • Master of Law
    • Master of criminal Law, magistracy specialism
    • Master of Science in Health sciences
    • All MASs (PhD programmes).

    Financial Benefits UNIL Scholarship:

    •  Exemption from the fixed registration fees for the courses.
    •  A Monthly Stipend, CHF 1,600.

    Eligibility Criteria of UNIL Masters Scholarship 2023 Switzerland:

    • A candidate must have completed a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree from a foreign university.
    • A candidate will be prioritized based on brilliant academic results.
    • A candidate must have a command of at least B2 level in French and at least C1 level in the English language.
    • A candidate should not be registered with UNIL in the past.
    • A candidate must submit the administration fee (CHF 200)

    Details and Application here