Africa Online & Publications Library Call for Editors and Assistant Editors for its eAOPL Journals

eAOPL journals are double-blind peer-reviewed flagship scientific and technical publications of the Africa Online & Publications Library (AOPL) aiming to promote academic scholarship. eAOPL journals are to be published quarterly and cover all academic specialisms including the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts and applied sciences with a focus on the African continent. eAOPL journals include:

  1. eAOPL Journal of Arts and Humanities
  2. eAOPL Journal of Social Sciences
  3. eAOPL Journal of Natural Sciences
  4. eAOPL Journal of Applied Sciences

Role description

As an editorial board member (editor or assistant editor), you will be expected to encourage promising authors to submit manuscripts for review and review manuscripts for one or more of eAOPL journals. Although no minimum number of reviews is allocated, you will be expected to review approximately 4- 5 manuscripts each year, which should take no more than 10-15 hours of your time.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify to participate as an editor or assistant editor, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Hold at least a PhD in a field of study that falls within the scope of the journals.
  • A PhD candidate with a strong research experience as testified by their CV can be considered.
  • Hold a senior research position with equivalent experience in research and scholarship.
  • Have expertise and experience in the specialist field related to the journals.
  • Have at least two publications of scientific articles or books (usually in/related to the specialist


  • Be reviewing or must have reviewed for an international peer-reviewed journal.
  • Have the enthusiasm to undertake the editor or assistant editor role but ensuring recognition of

    all aspects of the reality of the role and the work involved.


  • Review and comment on the suitability of manuscripts for publication in any of the eAOPL journals.
  • Advice the owners of AOPL to treat all authors with fairness, courtesy, objectivity, honesty, and transparency.
    • Making editorial decisions with reasonable speed and communicating them in a clear and constructive manner.
    • Developing mechanisms, in cooperation with the management of AOPL to ensure timely publication of accepted manuscripts.
    • Submit/solicit papers for the journal.
    • Help promote eAOPL journals among the relevant scholarly community.

    How to Apply?

    Send a single PDF attachment with your last name and date of submission as the file name to This single PDF must contain a curriculum vitae that includes contact information and a cover letter. Please note that everything you want us to consider as part of an application must be in this PDF attachment, not in the text of an email message. Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Cameroon Time, as marked by email time stamp when received by AOPL, on August 31, 2021.

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