Cardiff University’s Jameel Fully Funded Scholarships for 2022 in the UK.

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Deadline: June 13, 2022.

Founded in 2005, the Islam-UK Centre works towards the promotion of better understanding of Islam and the life of Muslims in Britain, through high quality teaching and research.

Its activities address issues which are central to the situation of Muslims in contemporary Britain. The Centre provides unique training and research opportunities for those seeking onward employment in a range of academic and non-academic careers.

With the help of a very generous gift, the Jameel Scholarships have been established to enable the very best students to come to Cardiff University – those who have the intellect and determination to apply their knowledge for the benefit of Muslim communities in the UK, and to promote better understanding of Islam in wider society.

MA Scholarships

Four MA scholarships are available for the academic year beginning 2022/2023. These scholarships are available for study on the Islam in Contemporary Britain (MA) programme and comprise of full UK tuition fees, a £15,896 annual stipend and £1,000 towards your research costs. From 2022/2023, the scholarship is now available for Part-Time students. For those pursuing the Part-Time programme, the stipend and research allowance will be divided over two years.

PhD Scholarship

One PhD scholarship is available beginning in September 2022. We are seeking exceptional UK resident applicants with a First Class or high Upper Second-Class Honours Degree or master’s degree.

Research proposals are invited on topics that clearly align with the research interests and expertise of staff at the Islam-UK Centre. Proposals must demonstrate exceptional academic merit, potential and relevance to Muslims in the UK. The three-year PhD scholarship comprises full UK tuition fees for the Religious & Theological Studies programme, a £15,896 annual stipend and £2,500 per year towards your research costs.

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