Nitori International Scholarship Foundation/ Deadline: June 10 (Wed), 2020


(1) Students with non-Japanese nationality who will have ‘college student’ visa status from October 1st, 2020 and will register their residence in Japan.
(2) Regular students who will be in the first or second academic year of a master course (incl. integrated masters and doctoral course) as of October 2020.
(3) Those who are of good enough health to pursuit studies in Japan, of excellent academic record, of good personality.
(4) Those who are able to communicate in Japanese.
(5) Those who can contribute to international understandings and mutual friendships.
(6) Those who can attend Scholarship Students Activities held by NISF.
(7) Those who can submit a scholar report every month.
(8) Those who do not receive any sort of scholarship or subsidy while receiving the scholarship from NISF.


Amount: 80,000 JPY/month
Duration: October 2020 – September 2021


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