Top 13 Secrets To Winning Any Scholarship Of Your Choice

Top 13 Secrets To Winning Any Scholarship Of Your Choice

Do you want to win a scholarship? Read this carefully and victory will come knocking at your door.

Top 13 Secrets To Winning Any Scholarship Of Your Choice1. Start your scholarship search early enough. Do not wait until you complete your studies. You can start in the last semester of your bachelor’s or master’s degree. Click to Tweet!

2. Beware of scholarship scams: Except in rare cases, most scholarships are completely free. What requires money is the application process in case you wish to hire the services of a consultant or you have to apply for admissions into a degree which requires an application fee before applying for the scholarship.

3. Search where you matter: Do not waste your time and resources on the internet without getting good value for it. Search for scholarships relevant to your skills or field study.

4. Apply for scholarships that you are eligible for: There is no point applying for a scholarship you do not meet ALL stated eligibility criteria. If you do that, your application is going to be a waste of time and resources.

5. Read instructions carefully: Calm down and ensure that you read all the instructions line by line! Understand and obey all instructions. Meeting the eligibility is not all that matters. You cannot win a scholarship if you do not strictly obey ALL outlined instructions. Click to Tweet!

6. Do not put your eggs in one basket: Apply for as many scholarships as possible. That way, you have greater chances of success.

7. Organize your application materials very well: Different scholarships require different application materials. The most common ones include: Personal Statement (Statement of Purpose), Recommendation Letters, Transcript of Results, Certificate or Diploma, CV/Resume etc. Organize these materials and get them ready ahead of your application. Always save the original copies of your certificates/documents where you will easily access them anywhere, anytime.Top 13 Secrets To Winning Any Scholarship Of Your Choice

8. Set your own deadline to finish the application well ahead of the scholarship application deadline. Doing this will help you not to miss applying for the scholarship in good time. Also note that scholarship application websites are usually too congested/strained when application deadlines are approaching because of too many applicants bugging the same site at that time.

9. Be conscious of internet connection issues where you are as this can really be frustrating. So, apply in good time and save yourself of much unwanted stress.

10. Answer all questions correctly: Your answers must be honest ones too. Skipping any questions is a big disadvantage. Do not tell lies because there are always ways the lies would be discovered. Even if you have been awarded the scholarship, it can still be withdrawn with possible legal consequences. Share to Facebook!

10. Find someone to review your application: You may request your teachers and/or a scholarship consulting agency to help you review your application before final submission. All errors should be addressed, omissions added and/or necessary additions made before you submit the application. Do not be in a hurry about this; more reason why you should not wait for the deadline to approach before starting your application.

11. Prepare well for interviews: Some scholarships include interviews. For such scholarships, prepare very well for the interviews. Anticipate questions you may likely be asked and prepare for the best way to answer them. Prepare to prove to the selection panel why you are the best candidate for the scholarship. To do this, do a thorough research about the scholarship. List your strengths and weaknesses and prepare to defend your weakness. Share to Facebook!

12. Use valid contact addresses: Most scholarships communicate through email. Ensure your email address is active and valid, sometimes your postal address too. Always check your email at least twice a week as the scholarship deadline approaches or during the application period. This is because you may be contacted to provide additional information, documents or to accept an offer within a stipulated period. Not responding within this time may make you lose out!

13. Never ever give up: One thing that discourages some people from trying is the fear of failure. You may consider how stiff the interview will be or how qualified other applicants are or how they have this or that advantage over you. Simply do not do that!

! Don’t stop applying because you did not win the ones you applied before. Keep applying and don’t quit because quitters don’t win.

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