2022/2023 Fully Funded Arizona State University Presidential Fellowship in USA.

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Application Deadline: September 01, 2022


The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College (MLFTC) at Arizona State University (ASU) invites applications for up to two postdoctoral scholar positions in the area of educational leadership.

Educational Leadership, a programmatic unit in the Division of MLFTC’s Educational Leadership and Innovation brings together faculty, aspiring leader learners, school district practitioners, and community collaborators to offer a Principal Pathways Master’s Degree Program in three modalities and a Superintendent Pathway. They are also building Master’s Degree program for learners who wish to work as leaders in a variety of education and community contexts.

An essential current topic in Educational Leadership is the role of overt and structural racism, both current and historical, in differential access to and outcomes of education for Black students.  Consistent with the focus of the ASU Charter on measuring educational success based on who is included and how they succeed, MLFTC’s Educational Leadership unit will hiring 2 Presidential Postdoctoral Scholars in Education Leadership, each with initial terms of two years. These scholars will address in their scholarship one or more of the following areas: (1) the overrepresentation of Black students in the school discipline to prison pipeline, (2) the disproportionality of Black students in special education, and (3) the lack of Black leaders. The postdoctoral scholars will engage in full-time research and teach two courses per year.

The postdoctoral scholars selected will join a cohort of 10-15 other postdoctoral scholars at ASU as part of the Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. The goal of the program is to support the career development of outstanding Ph.D. recipients with great potential for advancing the ASU Charter into a future tenure track appointment at ASU. The program seeks applicants whose professional preparedness, experience, and accomplishments are informed by experiences working with and within groups historically underrepresented in higher education in the United States. Where pools of qualified applicants are strong, priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate, through prior actions and achievements, intentional and actioned commitment diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Examples of such contributions are research or creative activity focused on empowering underserved populations; teaching, mentorship, and service that increases equitable access; and inclusion in fields where historically excluded populations are underrepresented.

MLFTC has committed to provide individualized mentorship and career development to ensure each candidate is well prepared to succeed in a future tenure track appointment. Career development and community building will also occur through programmatic support at the ASU Graduate College’s Postdoctoral Affairs Office.

About Arizona State University:

ASU is a large, comprehensive, research university and for nearly two decades, has transformed into the “New American University,” one dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education, and meaningful societal impact. By our Charter and Design Aspirations, we center inclusion and success as values that drive the enterprise; adopt inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning as ways to address society’s greatest challenges; and develop innovative partnerships to produce master learners across the lifespan. To learn more about ASU


Minimum qualifications

  • Earned doctorate degree in Educational Leadership, Policy, or a related field by the position start date
  • Engaged in research centered on the experiences of Black learners, educators, and leaders
  • Demonstrated actions to support and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion within academia or a community

Desired qualifications

  • Scholarly expertise in critical examinations of issues in one or more three areas: (1) the overrepresentation of Black students in the school discipline to prison pipeline, (2) the disproportionality of Black students in special education, and (3) the lack of Black school principals, lead teachers, and others serving leadership roles across schools, districts, and communities
  • Experience teaching in higher education
  • Demonstrated experience as a school, school district, or community leader

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