2023/2024 Camargo Foundation Fellowship Programme

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Application Deadline: October 01, 2022


The Main Program (“Camargo Fellowship”) is the historical program of the Camargo Foundation. Since 1971, the Camargo Foundation has granted residencies to nearly 1,000 people as part of its mission to support research, experimentation and interdisciplinary approaches in the field of arts and humanities.

Each year, a jury made up of researchers and arts professionals selects 18 people or teams from among hundreds of applications from all over the world. The winners are assigned residences in a quality environment where they have the space, time and freedom to think, create and exchange. Residencies last 6 to 11 weeks. With each group of Fellows, the Foundation aims to promote links between research and creation.


  • Research, experimentation and creation: candidates can apply by proposing either a specific project (writing a book, producing a work, etc.), or a field of research or a delimited field of investigation (research on a subject or a specific issue with a view to writing a book or creating a work of art) on which they would like to focus during their residency. The field of research or field of inquiry must be representative of the intellectual sector in which the candidate evolves. Camargo’s main program welcomes both open explorations and more limited work or long-term projects.
  • Exchanges and network: during the residency, discussions are regularly held to allow each resident to present his project or area of ​​research to the whole group. These discussions promote interdisciplinary exchange. All residents are expected to attend these discussions. In addition, the staff of the Camargo Foundation provides formal and informal links with professionals in the region with whom residents can be put in contact. It is also possible to invite outside professionals to these moments of exchange. On a voluntary basis, residents also have the opportunity to present their work in other cultural or school structures in the region, with the help of the Foundation.


  • A weekly grant of 250 euros is offered to selected candidates, as well as expenses for the round trip to Cassis.
  •  In the case of air travel, the costs of economy tickets booked in advance are covered.


The Camargo Foundation invites artists, researchers and thinkers from all countries and nationalities to apply. Three main categories are available and several sub-categories for artists.

  • Researchers:

The researchers are specialists in the field of arts or humanities and social sciences relating to French and French-speaking cultures, or interested in cross-cultural subjects targeting the cultures and trends of the Mediterranean region. To be eligible in this category, candidates must hold a doctorate or be a doctoral student in the final stages of research or writing their thesis.

  • Thinkers:

This category includes professionals and actors from cultural and creative circles (such as curators, journalists, critics, town planners, independent researchers, etc.) engaged in a critical approach, combining research, creation and society.

  • Artists (all disciplines)

Artists, whatever their discipline, must be the main designers of a new work or project and must provide a file presenting their past publications/performances/exhibitions, prizes or grants. The latter must demonstrate that they have completed the development of a complete and mature artistic voice. Applicants may be artists engaged in critical thinking proposing research projects. When applying, artists must choose a sub-category among the following: Visual artists / Choreographers or performers / Writers and playwrights / Video or digital artists / Composers and sound artists / Multidisciplinary artists.

Visit official webpage for details and application