2022/2023 Humboldt Research Track Scholarship at Humboldt University Germany.

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Application Deadline: October 15, 2022.

Funding for Master’s students with strong research skills who plan to pursue a doctorate.

The Humboldt Research Track funding line is designed to support outstanding Master’s students from Humboldt-Universität who plan to pursue a doctorate. Graduates from other universities may also be funded if they pursue a doctorate at Humboldt-Universität. The program offers funding for the transition phase between the end of a Master’s program and the beginning of a doctorate. Requirements for funding are excellent academic results and an original, high-quality proposal of the doctoral project. Applications may already be submitted during the Master’s studies, but funding can only start after graduation. The scholarship helps recipients to focus on the preparation of their doctorate.

Who can apply?

Outstanding Master’s students as well as graduates who plan to pursue their doctorate at Humboldt-Universität or – if graduated from Humboldt-Universität – at another university in Germany or abroad. To enable more prospective doctoral candidates with disabilities or chronic illnesses to prepare for a doctorate, applications from this target group will be given particular consideration.

What are the relevant criteria?

Excellent academic results or an excellent degree and an original, high-quality proposal of the doctoral project.

Selection criteria for Humboldt Research Track Scholarships
The criteria have been adopted by the Selection Committee of the Institutional Strategy Funding
Lines for Promoting Young Researchers.
The following criteria must not be evaluated individually but rather must be included in the overall
assessment of the applicant’s eligibility. Particular consideration will be given to impairments due to
disabilities or chronic illnesses.
1. Assessment of the applicant’s academic qualification and performance:
a. Proof of examinations passed and academic certificates (Master’s degree)
b. Notable achievements, distinctions and prizes
c. Publications
d. Assessment in accompanying letter of recommendation
2. Assessment of the research project:
a. Scientific quality and originality of the proposal
b. Relevance to the field
c. Collaboration with other working groups and/or disciplines
d. International cooperation as part of the project
e. Assessment in accompanying expert review
3. Assessment of the applicant´s personal suitability:
a. Level of commitment, duration of study, accuracy of the documents
b. International experiences while studying
c. Interdisciplinary orientation of previous work and experience (study, internships, positions held)
d. Extracurricular activities
e. Special personal or family circumstances

How much funding is provided?

Funding of 800 EUR per month is awarded for up to six months. Scholarship holders with children receive an additional 400 EUR a month for the first child, plus 100 EUR for each additional child. In exceptional cases, funding can be extended for up to an additional six months


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