2022/2023 NBCC Foundation Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

Through the NBCC Foundation and many generous donors, we are pleased to offer a number of opportunities for scholarships, bursaries and awards to our students. Awards may be specific to a campus or program and have varied application criteria and deadlines.

Each year, bursaries and scholarships are available in varying amounts to students attending one of six campuses in the province.

Scholarship/Bursary About Deadline
NBCC Foundation Awards The NBCC Foundation offers annual scholarships and bursaries to full-time students studying at any NBCC campus. Apr 15
Oct 15
NBCC Family of Alumni Scholarship (Made possible by TD Insurance) Two scholarships are awarded annually to children or grandchildren of past NBCC graduates. Oct 31
New Brunswick Public Colleges Entrance Scholarship This scholarship is awarded annually to Anglophone and Francophone New Brunswick high school graduate students accepted at any campus of NBCC. May 27
NBCC Bursary for Part Time Students NBCC is offering bursaries to students studying part-time at any NBCC campus Nov 15
Former Youth in Care Tuition Bursary Tuition and program fees waiver program for individuals who spent more than 12 months placed as a child in care in New Brunswick, including foster care, group home care, and other forms of care.
Joyce Family Foundation Bursary Each bursary will award $2000 with a maximum of 50 bursaries distributed evenly between Fall, Winter and Spring start dates. The amount will be deposited into the students’ account to be applied against tuition and fees.
J.D. Irving, Limited Bursary We will award up to 12 students per academic year. The value of the awards are the amount of full tuition ($3,380) not including fees.  This will be paid 50% at the start of Fall term and 50% at the start of Winter term and deposited to the students’ account.

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