2022 Downer-Rann Scholarships in Australia.

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Application Deadline: August 1, 2022.


There will be up to (10) Downer-Rann scholarships awarded for each intake in the 2022 academic year (January and August).

The programs offered in Adelaide are the same in all respects as those offered in the US. The final degree is awarded from the US and is accredited in both Australia and the US.

The programs may be taken for 12 months full-time or up to 7 years part-time. The scholarships represent an award value of 60% of the total tuition fee. Members of the South Australian Public Service may also be able to access salary sacrifice.


Open to Australian citizens or permanent residents.

The Downer-Rann Scholarship is the premier scholarship of CMU-A established in honour of former Commonwealth Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer AC and forner South Australian Premier, Mike Rann AC, two individuals who championed the establishment of Carnegie Mellon University in Australia.

Scholarship Value:

60% of domestic tuition fee.

Please refer to the fee table below. The per unit costs are inclusive of the financial package from CMU and the Downer-Rann Scholarship.

12-Month Track Programs No. of Units Cost Per Unit Total Cost
Information Technology Management (12-month Track) 144 AUD $132 AUD $19,008
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics 168 AUD $132 AUD $22,176
Public Policy and Management (12-month Track) 168 AUD $116 AUD $19,488
    Visit scholarship webpage for details and application.