2022 Fully Funded Merge Data Challenge in USA.

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Application Deadline: October 31, 2022.

The Merge data challenge:

The Merge is coming, providing a more secure and sustainable home for Ethereum—as well as more data, lots and lots of data. And the Ethereum community needs your help to make sense of it all.

  • What new visualizations help provide insight into proof-of-stake Ethereum?

  • How do the consensus layer and execution layer interact? Are there differences across client pairs in communication patterns, efficiency, etc? Are there good places to optimize?

  • What, if anything, changed on the network at the point of The Merge—block propagation times, p2p connections, transaction mempool performance, etc?

  • Did The Merge affect core Beacon Chain activity—attestation performance, blocks missed, sync committees?

  • Did user activity noticeably change after the Merge? What about MEV?

  • What new tools can you build to collect and analyze data in the post-Merge network?

The challenge:

Document your best Merge data insights in the most readable blog post possible—for prizes!

The Ethereum Foundation is running this challenge because there’s a lot to learn and discover from the Merge mainnet activity. Your findings will give the Ethereum community – from beginners to researchers and client developers – important insight into the Merge.


Up to USD $30,000

Entries must be considered sufficiently impactful/insightful by the community judging team to be eligible for rewards.


  • Blog post must be in English
    • There are no length requirements
  • Blog posts must be public and original
  • Data analysis or visualization must concern Merge network data
  • Tools and scripts used (and created) must be free and open source and referenced in the blog post

Judging Criteria:

Surprise us with your creativity! But here are some judging criteria considerations:

  • Overall quality and clarity of data analysis or data visualization
    • Quality of insights into the Merge, clients, and Ethereum in general
  • Insights that lead to substantive changes/improvements in client implementations or specifications
  • Analyses or visualizations that help a non-technical audience gain insight into the network
  • Quality of contribution to the Ethereum tooling ecosystem (if applicable)

Visit the official website for details and application

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