2022 Okayama University Entrance Examination Student Scholarships Programme in Japan.

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OUS’ Entrance Examination Student Scholarship Program was established to provide financial support to students who received excellent results in the entrance examination offering tuition exemption for four years, two years, or one year depending on results.

There are two types of examinations:

  • Entrance Examination by Recommendation (Track K)
  • General Entrance Examination (Tracks SA, SAB, and SB)

Number of recipients for each track is indicated in the table below.

Number Benefit of Scholarship
K Track SA Track SAB Track SB Track Total
Number of recipients 10 125 45 20 200 Full tuition exemption (Entrance Fee required)

Enrolled Students Scholarship Programme

This programme awards a 50% tuition reduction for 2nd, 3rd and 4th-year students in high academic standing, moral character, and good health. Recipients are selected annually.

Academic Status 2nd, 3rd and 4th-year students
Number of Recipients Limited to a few students from each department (total 105 students in 2013)
Semester Applied Tuition exemption for Fall Semester (full)
Period 1 year
Selection Criteria Performance and personality, etc.
Other Not concurrently available with the Entrance Examination Student Scholarship Programme.

Contact: Academic Affairs Department, Students Division
Tel: +81-86-256-8442 (Direct)

Graduate School Entrance Examination Student Scholarship Programme/Scholarship

Student Scholarship Programme
<Master’s Programme, Doctoral Programme (2nd Semester)>

OUS Graduate School established a scholarship for graduate students demonstrating exceptional academic achievement in the entrance examination, undergraduate studies and other areas. This scholarship provides financial support in recognition for their dedication to study and research as they advance toward their academic goals.

Recipients are awarded 550,000 yen (500,000 yen for recipients in the Graduate School of Informatics) in their 1st and 2nd years.

Students who advance to the Master’s or Doctoral Program (2nd semester) (common to the 2nd and 3rd year of Doctoral Program) from OUS undergraduate program are exempted from paying the Entrance Fee.

Japan Student Services Organization Financial Support Programme <Loan Programme>

Students have the option of applying for a financial support program of the Japan Student Services Organization. However, students entering through the Adult Student Entrance Examination should contact the Student Affairs Office.

Types of Scholarship
Class 1 Scholarship No interest
Class 2 Scholarship Interest bearing. No interest during enrollment; however, interest not exceeding an annual rate of 3% will be applied after graduation.
Monthly Loan Amount
Class 1 Master’s Programme 50,000 yen or 88,000 yen
Doctoral Program (2nd Semester) 50,000 yen or 122,000 yen
Class 2 Optional: 50,000 yen, 80,000 yen, 100,000 yen, 130,000 yen or 150,000 yen

Student loans shall be repaid after completion of study.

However, Class 1 recipients in excellent academic standing are eligible for a complete or partial exemption of repayment.

Scholarship Programme

Students may apply to OUS’ scholarship programs, the Alumni Association Scholarship Program, and the Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship Programme for the sole purpose of financial support during studies.

Contact: Academic Affairs Department, Student Affairs
Tel: +81-86-256-8442

Contact: Career Center
Tel: +81-86-256-8411

Emergency Scholarship Programme

A special scholarship program has been put in place for students in immediate need of financial assistance due to natural disasters such as typhoons or earthquakes making it difficult to continue studies. For details, contact Student Affairs at +81-86-256-8432.”

Academic Status 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students
Content Tuition exemption (partial or complete)
Period 1 year
Required Documentation Victim’s certificate

Wakabayashi Scholarship Programme

This program was established by an endowment from the family of the late Shoji Wakabayashi, Professor Emeritus and the late Shigeo Wakabayashi, who taught at the Kake Educational Institution for two generations as father and son. 4th-year students demonstrating dire need and at risk of not being able to graduate due to financial circumstances are eligible for this scholarship.

Academic Status 4th-year students
Number Limited to a few students
Amount Grant / (Maximum) 500,000 yen
Application Deadline November (Notice posted on signboard, etc.)
Selection Criteria Academic performance, conduct, family income, future course, etc.
Other Receiving concurrently with other scholarships is not permitted.

Okayama University of Science Alumni Association Financial Assistance Programme

This loan program is offered to eligible 4th-and 6th-year students demonstrating dire need and at risk of not being able to continue studies due to financial hardship. Students must apply to this each semester and are responsible for repayment of the loan after graduation.

Academic status Generally 4th year students
Number of recipients 3 students for each semester (6 students a year)
Amount Loan / 300,000 yen
Application deadline February
Selection criteria Academic performance, conduct, etc.
Other Repay 100,000 yen annually after graduation

Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship Programme

This programme is a scholarship program operated by Japan Student Services Organization and available for the university. The program offers a Class 1 Scholarship (No-interest) and Class 2 Scholarship (Interest bearing) and both must be repaid after graduation. For 1st year students, the adoption criteria are set according to high school GPA. For the Class 1 Scholarship, a GPA of above 3.5 and for Class 2 Scholarship, a GPA above average is required. This program also establishes a family income criteria. For details, refer to the “Japan Student Services Organization” website.

Class 1 Scholarship (2014)
Academic Status All academic years
Number of Recipients 120 (Results in 2014)
Content Loan, 54,000 yen / month (living at home)
64,000 yen / month (living outside of home)
Period 4 years
Application Deadline April (Notice posted on signboard, etc.)
Selection Criteria Conduct, health, academic standing, family income, etc.
Repayment After graduation (No-interest)
Other Receiving concurrently with other scholarships may not be permitted.
Class 2 Scholarship (2014)
Loan Optional: 30,000 yen, 50,000 yen, 80,000 yen, 100,000 yen or 120,000 yen
 Repayment After graduation (Interest up to 3% per annum imposed.)

Other Scholarship Programmes

Local governments and private scholarship associations
Application requirements, deadline dates, selection criteria, and rules regarding scholarships vary from organization to organization. However, deadline dates typically fall in the months of April and May. Some organizations require applications to be filled out by universities while others require students to do so. Contact granting organization or appropriate prefectural office directly for detailed information. (Information also available at Student Support Center).

Entrance Examination Student Scholarship Program for Privately Financed International Students

Benefits of Entrance Examination Scholarship Students

Applicant from overseas who scores the highest on Entrance Examination for International Students, Category A, Term I Mainland China and Entrance Examination for International Students, Category A, Term II and satisfies certain conditions, will be eligibile to receive a special scholarship students to support studies. Benefits fall under two categories outlined in the table below and determined in accordance with the examination results.

Categories Scholarship Student I Scholarship Student II
Number of Recipients One student per examination
Period One (1) year (initial year)
Content Study expense (tuition, facilities and equipment fee, experiment and practice fee). Entire amount exempted, except for entrance fee. Study expense (tuition, facilities and equipment fee, experiment and practice fee). Half amount exempted, except for entrance fee.

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