2022 Paid Research Internship at ECA International London, UK.

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Application Deadline: July 25 – October 14 , 2022.

We’re looking for Research Interns to join ECA International Group this July for a 12-week paid internship in our TST or ECA International teams. If you have strong research and analysis skills and an interest in global affairs, we’d love to hear from you. Research Interns are employed to provide essential support to the teams that produce ECA’s wide range of products and services relating to global mobility. Interns will take part in the analysis of locations around the world and are responsible for researching, verifying, and processing large volumes of data. Research Interns will be assigned to work in one or more of the following areas of production:

– Assessing a wide range of “hardship” factors such as climate, infrastructure, and security, which affect expatriates’ ability to adapt to life in a new country. Involves extensive internet research combined with analysis of expatriate questionnaires.

Reviewing and interpreting global tax, immigration, and social security legislation to update and maintain databases of rules in these areas.

– Remote data collection for ECA’s cost of living survey, contributing to our online data collection as well as obtaining information via phone and email.

– Researching accommodation costs and assessing the suitability of properties for expatriates. Analyzing changes in average property prices and researching changes in market conditions that may account for these differences.

– Investigate the suitability and costs of a wide range of expatriate benefits such as international schools, company cars, and sports clubs.

– Assisting with other surveys and projects as required

Why work for us?

Internships are a stepping-stone towards a permanent position at ECA Group. We recruit to fill any vacancies for permanent positions at the end of the internship period.

Our research roles provide a foundation on which to build a career in research and analysis, global mobility and many other professional disciplines, including tax, talent and reward. Find out more about these roles in the Jobs area of our website.

Salary £23,500 including bonus per annum (pro-rated). The bonus is 10% of annual salary (pro-rated) and is paid at the end of the contract, provided the contract has been completed in full. This equates to an annual salary of £21,150 (pro-rated) and a bonus of £542 (gross) paid at the end of the contract; the amount of £542 is the full amount and is not pro-rated. Salary is paid monthly in arrears.

– Proven research skills

– Excellent level of numeracy

– Initiative and problem

-solving skills

– Strong verbal and written communication skills

– A collaborative mentality

– Process driven

– Ability to take responsibility

– Customer focused

– Solid attention to detail

– Inquisitiveness and keenness to learn

– An international outlook

– Candidates should be educated to degree standard and be proficient in the use of MS Word and Excel.

– The ideal candidate will also be able to demonstrate a good understanding of global current affairs and world geography.

– You will need to have a good internet connection if you want to work remotely

To apply, click here.

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