2023/24 Sophie Germain Master’s Scholarships at Paris Saclay University & Institut Polytechnique Paris, France

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Application Deadline: January 31, 2023

The scientific environment in the Paris-Saclay area is rich and prestigious: the University of Paris-Saclay on the one hand and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris on the other hand offer training and supervision opportunities covering the entire spectrum of mathematics and its applications.

The Mathematics Foundation Jacques Hadamard (FMJH) offers scholarships for excellence for one or two years to French and foreign students. The member institutions of the FMJH support the Master «Mathematics and applications». The Sophie Germain scholarships are intended for students who wish to enroll in one of the programs of this master in the 1st or 2nd year (except for the track «Formation à l’Enseignement Supérieur en Mathématiques»).

A jury selects the laureates by applying the criteria defined by the Scientific Council of the FMJH, the main selection criterion being excellence. As this program aims to encourage young talents to orientate themselves towards research in mathematics, candidates are asked to pay particular attention to the writing of their study project in their application.

Two calls per year:

Each academic year, two calls are successively launched for the upcoming year:

  1. The first call runs from October to January 31st. It is intended to encourage incoming mobility within the Paris-Saclay area and therefore only concerns students outside this area. Note that foreign students (outside Europe) must apply for a visa. All information on Campus France
  2. The second call takes place from February to May 15th and concerns only the “insiders”, i.e. the students who already study on the territory of Paris-Saclay.

Every application will be evaluated impartially, regardless of the geographic origin of the applicant.The applicants to the first call of the Sophie Germain master’s scholarships can simultaneously apply to a PhD Track scholarship, just by mentioning it in their application form to an M2 master scholarship.

Eligibility criteria:

Any students applying to Master’s degree “Mathématiques et applications” of University Paris Saclay or Institut Polytechnique de Paris is eligible (except for the track “Formation à l’Enseignement Supérieur en Mathématiques”). All applications are considered.

Students outside Paris-Saclay area have to apply to the first call for applications and in particular for international students (outside Europe) to facilitate the processing of their visa. Similarly, it is imperative that they take contact with their Embassy or Consulate to obtain a CAMPUS France file number. This administrative formality is a mandatory prerequisite for being authorised to apply for a student visa in France.

The selection of candidates is done on academic criteria confirmed by transcripts and recommendation letters. Recommendation letters are requested automatically by the FMJH to the contact persons mentioned by the candidates as soon as they validate their application.

Regarding the enrollment’s formalities of students in the Master’s track of his choice, it is imperative that all candidates for a scholarship proceed in parallel to their registration online via the website of the University Paris-Saclay or Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

Selection criteria:

The selection is made by a jury appointed by the FMJH Steering Committee and in agreement with the heads of the relevant Master’s tracks.


The results are sent by e-mail to the successful candidates approximately 5 weeks after the closing date of the call for applications.

Terms of the scholarship:

  • The amount of the award amounts to €11,000 net per year .
  • Is added to the scholarship for all the laureates an indemnity covering tuition fees (about €500 for a year).
  • Foreign students also receive a fixed compensation of a maximum amount of €2000 per year calculated on a scale according to their country of origin. This flat-rate contribution is intended to cover travel expenses for a return in the year and visa fees.
  • First-time foreign students are also offered the possibility of booking accommodation (individual studio) in one of the residences close in their institution of registration. They will be also offered a housing welcome KIT containing all the necessary household item (Duvet, sheets, pans, plates, cutlery,…) to an approximate value of €100.
  • Except in exceptional cases, the scholarship cannot be cumulated with any other excellence scholarship. In case of doubt, please contact the FMJH (contact@fondation-hadamard.fr).

PhD Track Scholarships:

Through the PhD Track scholarships, the FMJH wishes to bring a particular attention to international students with very high potential by offering them a financial support during the whole duration of their graduate studies, from master (M2) to PhD.



The duration of this funding is 4 years and is broken down as follows:

  •  11.000 € for the master year (M2), an indemnity covering tuition fees (about 500 € for a year), for foreign students a fixed compensation of a maximum amount of 2000 € per year calculated on a scale according to their country of origin (this flat-rate contribution is intended to cover travel expenses for a round trip and visa fees) and another advantage a housing is booked for you (you must pay the rent);
  •  During the 3 years of PhD, the equivalent of a doctoral contract based on the French legislation which is currently 1866 € gross monthly.

How does it work?

Funded students must meet the academic requirements of the master’s program and develop a PhD project with a supervisor from the Hadamard Mathematics Doctoral School. Once the master’s degree is validated, the Hadamard Doctoral School of Mathematics board must validate the PhD project so that the student can benefit from additional funding to pursue his/her doctorate.

Selection procedure:

After a pre-selection among the laureates of the Sophie Germain M2 master’s scholarships, the candidates will be auditioned by the attribution jury. The auditions will be held in French or English by videoconference.

Eligibility criteria:

Only international students who wish to enrol in an M2 of the Master Mathematics and Applications are eligible for the PhD Track scholarship.

Visit the official website for details and application

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