2023 Fully Funded Teachers CAN Fellowship in South Africa

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Teachers CAN recognises the steep learning curve and intensity of the first years of teaching. Add to this challenging working conditions such as overcrowded classrooms, inadequate incentives and policy overload, the pressure to conform to conventional teaching norms can quickly become internalised.

What is the answer that the Fellowship provides?

– The Teachers CAN Fellowship aims to bring together young teachers who are passionate and committed to building an education sector that will ensure every child in South Africa receives a quality education. We define a quality education as an experience that enables each learner to succeed in school and provides the basis for them to develop to their highest potential.

– What is perhaps most unique about the way we are tackling this issue is our commitment to centering the teacher and positioning them as a powerful force in our bid to see each child reach their highest potential.

The Fellows  Who are they?

The Fellows are between the ages of 23-35, with 2-5 years of teaching experience in South African classrooms. They demonstrate the potential to become the change agents who will drive the agenda of quality education for every child in South Africa.

What do we expect from the fellows?

Each Fellow must commit to partnering with Teachers CAN to drive the agenda for quality education for every child in South Africa. This is captured in the Manifesto in which we challenge fellows co-create an education sector where they:

– Engage as equals where their views are valued

– Free children to be who they really are

– Play an active role in school structures

– Connect to a wider world of social change

– Shape curriculum and professional development

What can fellows expect to gain from the fellowship?

– The Teachers CAN Fellowship is designed to capacitate young teachers to develop a common identity rooted in professionalism, creativity and disruption of the status quo.

– The Fellows can expect a challenging and nurturing environment based on the belief that each one them have the potential to transform the education system.

– The Fellowship will build around the following components:

➔ Immersions

– The Fellowship programme will be centered on three immersions which will happen over a 12-month period. Each immersion will be designed based on input sourced through focus groups which provided a better understanding of the challenges faced by young teachers in South Africa.

– The ultimate goal of the immersions is for young teachers to identify as agents of change who will drive the vision of the Fellowship which is to ensure that every child in South Africa receives a quality education.

➔ Teachers CAN Network

– This network is aimed at gathering a community of education change agents who are committed to embracing the Teachers CAN Manifesto.

– The network will be driven by the Teachers CAN Fellows and it will be centered around how we can make the Teachers CAN Manifesto come alive in every school

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