The 2021 Attuned Writer Fellowship

Here at Attuned, we believe that understanding Intrinsic Motivation is the key to making organizations happier and work more meaningful—and we’re putting our money where our mouth is to the tune of US$50,000 with the launch of The Attuned Writer Fellowship.

The first program of its kind on digital newsletter-publishing platform Substack, The Attuned Writer Fellowship will give one talented emerging writer the financial and mentorship support to launch and run a newsletter dedicated to exploring Intrinsic Motivation in all its many forms for one whole year.

The winning applicant, as chosen by our all-star panel, will receive a salary of US$50,000 over the course of 12 months to start a Substack newsletter on Intrinsic Motivation and produce at least 2-3 full-length posts per week on the subject. The writer will also receive mentorship from our panel of industry experts and support in growing their readership from Attuned, with the ultimate aim of building a big enough subscriber base to transition from a free newsletter to a paid one, and thus become self-supporting, once the sponsorship ends.

The Prize

  • US$50,000 one-year contract, paid monthly (terms and conditions apply)

  • Mentorship sessions with the judges

  • Ongoing support and mentorship from the Attuned team

  1. Your CV or LinkedIn profile.

  2. Three previous pieces of work that best illustrate your writing ability. Writing with a unique and passionate voice is more important to us than whether or not it appeared in a world-renowned publication, so please choose the writing that you feel represents you best, whether published or not. Please do not submit short stories or poetry, or dissertations, essays or other academic work.

  3. Create a blog-style post of between 500-800 words on the subject of Intrinsic Motivation. You’re free to tackle the subject in any way, and from any angle, that you wish. Check out the Attuned blog and this short animation for background and inspiration.

  4. Come up with 10 ideas (a title and a 1-2 sentence synopsis for each) for blog posts related to the subject of Intrinsic Motivation that you would write if you win.

  5. Complete the Attuned Intrinsic Motivation Assessment, and share your Motivator Report with us, along with your feedback on the results (in 200 words or less). You may want to consider questions like: To what extent do you feel like the report represents you? Were there any scores that surprised you? Are there any scores you strongly agree or disagree with? Did you find the process useful? Are there any ways we could improve?


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