2023 Fully Funded Harrison Middleton University Fellowship in USA.

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Application Deadline: November 01, 2022.

The HMU Fellowship in Ideas is a writing and discussion project in the humanities designed for a recent university graduate from any field who has an interest in the humanities, interdisciplinary dialogue, and intellectual and professional enrichment. The Fellowship offers emerging scholars exposure to the history of ideas in Western civilization, networking opportunities amongst an array of academicians, lifelong learners, readers, and thinkers from a broad range of disciplines, and credited authorship in two university publications.

The Role of the Fellows:

Over the course of nine months, the HMU Fellow in Ideas will:

  • Participate in virtual Socratic discussions with university faculty and other Fellows.

  • Contribute two entries to the Harrison Middleton University Blog.

  • Publish a book review in HMU: Dialogues, Harrison Middleton University’s biannual newsletter.


The successful applicant to the HMU Fellowship in Ideas will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A $500 stipend.

  • The opportunity to participate in virtual Socratic discussions with university faculty and Fellows.

  • Online publication in the HMU Blog and HMU: Dialogues.

  • At the conclusion of the Fellowship term, a complimentary set of three Great Books Foundation publications.

Application Requirements:

The successful applicant must:

  • Have received a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree (in any field).

  • Have an interest in the humanities and the great ideas of Western civilization.

  • Have outstanding reading, writing, and communication abilities.

  • Commit to writing two blog entries for the HMU Blog and one book review for HMU: Dialogues.


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